Four Keys To A Long Life

Experiencing a healthy, long life involves FOUR  major components:

1. Physical –  Regular Activity and Healthy Lifestyle habits

2. Mental –     Positive Outlook on Life , Optimism through Self Reflection,Meditation, Self talk & Adding Humor

3. Social –     Connectivity and support through family & friends

4. Spirituality –   Connectivity with Nature, Higher being or Life purpose




“Circle of Life”

Learn How to Enhance Your Life, Move Forward and Get the Results You Really Want so YOU Can Live A Balanced Life.
Used By People of All Stages of Life to Reach Any Appropriate Goal

Applicable to Any Health Issue, Life Problem or Work Challenges.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011 2-6 pm


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Sunday, August 14, 2011  2-6pm


Location 25 Newburyport Road, Feasterville, PA

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A Healthy Lifestyle – Enhanced Relationships

Long Term Weight management

Stress Mastery – Strong Self Esteem

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Dr. Kalind Bakshi



Kalind Bakshi, Certified Professional Life Coach


Kalind Bakshi, Founder of  Health Advantage Group
Kalind Bakshi, MD, FACS – Vascular Surgery, CPC – Certified Professional Coach, specializing in Health and Wellness, Ordained Minister – non-denominational


Kalind Bakshi is committed to helping his family, friends and interested clients towards a healthy lifestyle. Kalind’s life experiences have led him on a path of self discovery and higher learning, both of which are his tools to make this world healthier and more enjoyable.

How would you like to start experiencing a healthy and joyful living ? As your life and health coach,I will help you crystallize your health goals, formulate an action plan,help to identify and tackle the obstacles and also help in the implementation of the plan to achieve success.

Helping you develop specific action plans for diet,nutrition,weight management,exercise stress reduction and following a progressive path towards success is my specialty.

You will experience more energy, youth, a sense of well being and balanced living through my coaching support.

My motto : Persistence & Progress, Not perfection!

A gradual change in the right direction IS BETTER THAN NO CHANGE !!

Kalind’s Coaching Philosophy

“The part can never be well–unless the whole is well” — Plato

Life is a joy, live it joyfully. One must enjoy the wellness process!

With an experience of vascular surgery for over 25 years and my soon to be graduation as a Holistic Health Practitioner from Global College of Natural Medicine, I will offer you all the ingredients through my coaching so that you will make a self-directed plan to achieve your health goal.
With my spiritual background, I will also help you experience peace and joy in life.

What Clients Say About Kalind
I am Vijay Buch, a middle age male from NJ. I have a background in engineering Project Management throughout my recent past in the USA. I have known Dr. Kalind Bakshi for sometime now, mainly as a Vascular Surgeon. I have always felt in great health. However, I have a strong family history of cardiac health issues. I have recently become aware of the precautions I need to take regarding my health in the life ahead in view of the possible impact of the family history. After Dr. Bakshi’s recent exposure and certification in Holistic Health sciences, and his health coaching, I have learned through him, about some of the important changes in my dietary habits and general lifestyle that will help me to stay healthy in the years and decades to come. I am very happy to learn all that through him since I trust him. I feel enthused and more confident because I believe he can guide me through this process. In three weeks since our first interview, the dietary changes already appear to have positive influence on how I feel. I believe these will help me to reduce weight and normalize my blood pressure along with medication that I need to take for some time. I wish him great success in his new vocation, which is fueled by his passion and training.

Dear Kalind,
Indeed your health coaching, and the vision statement are extremely thorough and complete, and I can very well see how useful they will be as I am beginning to implement many of your recommendations and have already benefited from them to date.
Your recommendations about FITT aspect of exercise on a daily basis is well received, and I intend to implement that right away. Of course, what I can say about the vision statement is that it really helps put everything into proper perspective. And again, thanks for having a complete assessment and ALL aspects ( health & spiritual well being ) included in the vision statement. Thanks again for your help, and I will keep you posted as we move forward with these recommendations.

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Kalind Bakshi, Certified Professional Life Coach

Kalind Bakshi, Founder of Health Advantage Group

Contact 267 278 1054 or kbakshi@bww.com

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